Frigate Bay , Skull Cove.

Monday August 14th, we headed out towards Frigate bay, not too many folks anchor here, most boats go to Fury Cove, but this beautiful small anchorage has a lovely spot way in the back, good holding and away from any winds.     The engine hours read 2153.6, all is well, Bert checks everything out every morning, i tidy the boat, and store all movable things away, you cannot count on the weather being what it is, and what they say on the marine channel.     Things can change too fast.    Frigate bay has a gorgeous little beach , pink sand, bleached drift wood, the water was warm and so clear, a beautiful jade green.       We were again the only boat, same as last time, Canada Geese swam around Curtsy,  and a lone otter stuck his head up to check us out.   The Midden, with its layers and layers of bleached clam shells , lines one shore, we checked it out, i did some digging, always hoping for a lone bead…..  you never know……   The more we travel here, the more middens we find, the white beaches they create make for a lovely contrast to the blues and greens.           August 15th, going around Cape Caution, i set the alarm for 4.45, as its now cold in the morning and i like to fire up the diesel stove  , we like to head around the cape as early as possible , to avoid large swells,   the water was like glass, so quiet and we made a nice passage around the cape, saw a few sea otters , but no whale spouts.      We headed for Skull Cove, in Schooner channel, its a bit of a tricky anchorage, very shallow here and there, once we entered the small entrance, we saw and heard 6 red throated loons , singing and dancing, what a great birds they are!!   We entered in the first small bay as the depth there was 5 meters, further in the depth goes as low as 3 and 2!!      Curtsy draws 6.4 feet, so 2 meters is just not comfy.    1 meter is 3′ 3″.  ( so 3 feet, 3 inches)        I loved this place, i went exploring with my kayak and found the other side of the overfall from Miles Inlet!!       so cool to find that!!   So much life in the waters here, lots of small fish , shellfish, and an amazing variety of water plants.      I hope to come back and explore some more……

2017 093We were protected here in Skull Cove from the swell, the view was beautiful here, we looked out at Vancouver Island.

2017 087Lots and lots of kelp here, harboring a variety of sea life.

2017 078Little 10 tree islet.

2017 082A blue jays “blues”, made for a nice contrast with the greens!!

2017 091Soooo nice to get a “pull” back to the boat!!!!


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