Alert Bay

On one of our days anchored , we took the ferry to Alert bay, its a great place to visit, i love the atmosphere there, and learn something new about the history here, every time we go there.        Alert bay is a village on Cormorant island, approximately 1400 people live here year round, i find the town very well located as it gets lots of sun and light in comparison with Port McNeill.   Apparently it is the oldest community on Vancouver Island, there was a fish saltery here in 1870, and there are lots of heritage houses around the waterfront , the Namgis First Nations of the Kwakwaka’wakw live here.   It is a centre for First Nations art works, which i love , i just had to take some more photos……Alert Bay is home of the killer whale.

2017 152along the waterfront….2017 1422017 138

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