Attacked by kelp!!

I am aware, kelp is a plant, well, we anchored that night in Portage Bay, on the East side of Kupreanof island.  It states in the book, that it is a secure anchorage, with a narrow entrance, yes, indeed, but we went in when the tide was not running very hard, so, no problem.   Later on we found out, that the best anchoring is just around the corner after you come into the bay, but heh!!     It looked so very nice further up, so we traveled a bit more and then dropped anchor in the center, as it is quite shallow near both shores.    We went on shore to do some exploring, and had a great time.      When back to shore, we noticed a couple more boats had come in and anchored, but they were right around the corner of the entrance…….hhhmmmm…….should have told us something!!!    I made dinner, washed the dishes, and then heard some very strange noises.        A loud whoosh ,all along the hull, it stopped, and then another , very loud whoosing sound.     Both of us leaned out of the boat, and here were huge patches , almost small islands of kelp, coming into the bay at high speed, we were surrounded!!!         This was no good, it was almost dark by now, but we started the engine, hauled up the anchor , and headed to where the other boats were anchored, there was not a single piece of kelp near them!!!   Lesson learned!!!!      The rest of the evening was peaceful ,we were sung to sleep by the calls of the loons.

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