Red Bluff Bay.

At the entrance  cascades a lovely waterfall, as we rounded the corner ,we saw that we were the only ones, good thing…       The bear meadows at the head of the bay were very busy indeed!!     A momma brown bear was grazing with her two cubs, further down a lone bachelor hung around, staying well clear of her and her two off spring, i then noticed a very small bear, all by himself, he seemed to be hanging around, rubbing against bushes, munching a bit on the grass, he looked to be too small to be by himself already, we never did see a mother, he stayed all afternoon and all evening, lying down , stretching in the sun, i dont think he was having a hard time……    We took the dinghy towards the creek entrance, looking for tracks and wild flowers, the fresh water was still flowing hard, the tide was out, so we had the mud flats to explore.       I am just reading in my journal and i wrote that the little bear by himself was very light colored , almost cream, while the other ones were all the usual brown.      Towards the evening, a National Geographic boat, the MV SEA LION , came into the bay, they went and anchored at the very far corner, and turned the engines and the generator off, which we were very grateful for.      The peace and tranquility here needs to be reveled in, and not spoiled by engines running.       Then a second small cruise ship came in, the MV WILDERNESS WONDERER ,  but they left again after looking at the bears for a while.

BARANOF WARM SPRINGS RED BLUFF LORD'S POCKET 2017 059The entrance to Red Bluff Bay, a bit tricky with all the small islands.

BARANOF WARM SPRINGS RED BLUFF LORD'S POCKET 2017 073This is MV WILDERNESS WONDERER,  which is actually the one ship that stayed overnight, i had them mixed up before.

BARANOF WARM SPRINGS RED BLUFF LORD'S POCKET 2017 098We left the next morning at 6.30, beautiful morning light greeted us at Chatham strait, we were going to cross straight into Stephens Passage,   a lady at the hot springs told me about the hanging gardens of  Lords pocket, in the Keku islands, as soon as i heard hanging gardens i couldn’t wait to head that way.      Apparently not too many boats anchor here as the entrance is narrow , littered with reefs, but we didn’t lose our cool after the accident, we just went a lot sloooower………..   We took a right (port), towards the Keku islands but not before Bert did an hour of fishing,   one other large boat was trying their luck also, the only fish we caught was an Irish Lord, which is a sculpin.   beautiful fish, i was happy he was ok, after Bert let him go again, he swam away quickly….BARANOF WARM SPRINGS RED BLUFF LORD'S POCKET 2017 108An Irish Lord.BARANOF WARM SPRINGS RED BLUFF LORD'S POCKET 2017 105This gorgeous moth flew into the boat the night before, and stayed for a while, look at those patterns on his back, just magnificent!!!BARANOF WARM SPRINGS RED BLUFF LORD'S POCKET 2017 127Along the entrance into Lords pocket ,reefs everywhere.

BARANOF WARM SPRINGS RED BLUFF LORD'S POCKET 2017 137One lone , purple occupant.

BARANOF WARM SPRINGS RED BLUFF LORD'S POCKET 2017 146The rugged, wild shoreline of Lords pocket, truly amazing what grows here, as i will show you…


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