Hoonah and beyond.

July 11th we headed to Hoonah, we needed to get fuel, do some laundry and walk to the local store for some provisions.     The weather was still beautiful, the docks were quite full, looked like the total fishing fleet came back into harbour, but our spot from last time was still unoccupied, so again, we made that turn, in low tide, i kept on waiting for that sound, where the keel meets the bottom, but nothing happened……     The carving shed was quiet as the carvers were all still in Bartlett Cove, we walked to the store, bought what we needed , talked to some very nice folks there and strolled back to the boat.    I was ready to go on pretty soon, so much more to see, the other boaters we had travelled with, went to Sitka, which lies at the West shore of Baranof Island, we were contemplating to go, but the weather turned nasty, and i think we were a bit tired, i still felt so very overwhelmed, and didnt feel very good.    So heh, we said, Sitka wont be taken away any time soon, so we will go again, which will be in 2019!!!!       Pavlof Harbor Bubble feeding of Humpbacks in Chatham Strait 060One of the beautiful carved canoes, with very happy, smiling folks on board, i so noticed how everyone acknowledged us, greeted us and loved to chat!

Pavlof Harbor Bubble feeding of Humpbacks in Chatham Strait 063Cruise ship docked at Hoonah, only one ship can dock at a time, about 3000 people walk into town, and the whole atmosphere changes, i can so understand why the local folks had the 4th of July celebration on July 1st, as on the 4th , another cruise ship was coming in.     Its a double edged sword though, the people from the ship bring in money to the town, which is needed and appreciated, but the folks here would also just like to be left on their own, i can so understand this.                         So, while we visited the local coffee shop, a Tlingit elder,Uncle Mike, was sitting next to us, sipping his coffee.       We started chatting, about the town, the people here, and the goings on, and he told us about the eagles here, they had a big storm once, several years back, a storm much larger then usual, and it blew down several very large trees.      One of these trees had ,for years, a enormous eagle nest in the top, when the nest came down, still quite intact, everyone came to look at it, and there, in the middle of the nest , were 23 little dog collars !!!!!        So yes, eagles snack on little dogs,   yes, said Uncle Mike, we used to sit in the one room school house, and watch the eagles sore above, and swoop down to grab one of the many small dogs we had roaming around town!!    No one seemed to be all that upset about this, the eagles lived there, always had, the dogs roamed free, always did,   so it was quite natural for them to grab the odd dog!!!        We truly enjoyed the folks in Hoonah and hope to go back there again !!!!

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