Glacier Bay Park.

We headed back to Blue Mouse Cove for anchoring, the weather still gorgeous, there were three boats anchored already so we decided to stay close to the entrance, as we came in, a very big Humpback came alongside Curtsy, quietly swam alongside us, came up for a breathe and made eye contact with me, i was at that point just about hanging over the side of the boat!!        I noticed his dorsal fin, it had two,what looked like barnacles attached to it.      I remember this well, as we saw him again and again on the trip.  I have so much to write about these magnificent animals, they stole my heart, its as if they knew , how i was traumatized, its as if they “told” me , that i was suppose to be here, suppose to meet them, the joy i felt, every time i saw them, whether it was one or a whole family, it confirmed for me, that we needed to continue this journey.      I will write a lot more about them, and show some great photos!!

The Tlingit people who live in Hoonah, tell the story of what happened in Glacier bay, a long time ago.   They did not always live in Hoonah, but occupied several villages in Glacier bay! This was way before the 1700’s .  But by  1795, the massive glacier was 4000 feet thick, 20 miles wide and extended more then 100 miles. In 1879, the ice had retreated more then 30 miles, slowly a bay was forming.   In 1916, the Grand Pacific Glacier which was the main glacier and responsible for carving out the bay, had melted 60 miles.       There is nothing written about what happened here, but the Tlingit have great stories of the happenings, the elders pass the stories on , and its very worthwhile to listen carefully when they speak.      HOONAH GLACIER BAY BLUE MOUSE COVE 368Hangin’ out in Blue Mouse Cove.

HOONAH GLACIER BAY BLUE MOUSE COVE 375Those two barnacles on his dorsal fin, i would recognize him again…. or her……

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