We came for the glaciers, so we headed out on July 6th, towards Reid Glacier, this glacier seems to have stopped moving, there is a tremendous amount of silt and rocks at the base, we didnt dare bring the boat too close, as it became shallow very fast. So, when we had anchored, close to the entrance of the bay, i headed out in my kayak, eager to explore.    I had seen some interesting rocks and what looked like small caves on our port side, so thats where i went.       The weather, i had better tell you, was sunny!!!   and quite warm!!  i think we were being rewarded after our dreadful ordeal.     ( so glad we DID go into Glacier bay)             Bert rowed around in the dinghy , exploring at the entrance, he then rowed all the way in and met me just “under ” the glacier.         I was grateful this glacier was not calving or moving……..HOONAH GLACIER BAY BLUE MOUSE COVE 111as close as we dared , at Reid Glacier.HOONAH GLACIER BAY BLUE MOUSE COVE 108The large cruise ships do not come into Reid inlet but smaller ones like this one do. They let folks off to walk the shores and explore, they seemed to be really looking for something and to this day i have no idea what, maybe bird nests??   The nice thing also about this inlet is that its close to John Hopkins inlet and there we would not be able to anchor.     Only two boats came in that day, we still found it very quiet ,which i blame on the dreadful weather the last few weeks.    HOONAH GLACIER BAY BLUE MOUSE COVE 138Anchored in Reid Inlet, Bert rowing around in the dinghy.

HOONAH GLACIER BAY BLUE MOUSE COVE 126Eroded shoreline, there are several trails alongside the glacier to be explored.

HOONAH GLACIER BAY BLUE MOUSE COVE 119HOONAH GLACIER BAY BLUE MOUSE COVE 123What is this strange black rock , amongst all the grey and yellow???

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