Well i take the comment about the wifi back, good grief, still nothing but trouble, but i am not giving up!!       On JULY 1st, actually our Canada day , the folks in Hoonah decided to hold their 4th of July festivities on the first instead, the reason was that on the 4th a cruise ship was coming in, and they did not want to have their celebrations with several thousand cruise ship people hanging around, we were so glad to be there, every where the Hoonah folks were dressed up in Red White and Blue, little stands with food lined the main street, some Tlingit art was displayed here and there, and overall it all felt very festive.      We had met up with some of the other people on the sailboats, we met Suzie and Don with their beautiful Nauticat , and Trish and Will from Australia with their sailboat “SHADOW DANCER II”, Rita, help me out with the name of the Nauticat!!   Rita has a wonderful blog, ” MOTORSAILORBARAKABASHAD.WORDPRESS.COM   and she is so good at keeping all the names of everyone, all the boat names, so in this case i totally rely on her!!       Anyway, the day of the parade we all headed to the main street, and bought fried bread from Hetty, a Tlingit elder, she proudly told us her great great grand daughter was in the parade!!!    The fried bread is so good, i bought several pieces, and later on we bought tacos with a base of fried bread also, they things were huge, Bert and i each had one, well, there was no way we could finish them,!!!!!      Everyone was so happy, so laid back, i so fell in love with this town!!       

Hetty, selling her fried bread.

Alaska 2017 Hoonah 103

1 thought on “HOONAH

  1. Ron and Suzie were on the Nauticat named Tango, from Seattle. My blog is svbarakabashad.worpress.com. Thanks for mentioning it Mejan. xox

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