June 26th….

Monday, it was a very low tide, i believe it was new moon, thee weather was wet, wet, wet, and cold!!    So glad we have the diesel stove in the boat, it had been going non stop since May 1st.   The warmth makes its way into the cockpit, plus , with the heat from the engine, which is right below us, we were quite comfortable.   We decided to head for Auke bay, North of Juneau, the other two boats planned to go into Gastineau Channel, going that way, you would have to go underneath the bridge, which we just didn’t think  was a good idea for Curtsy.   We waved to Gail, as we parted (for now) , going a different way, we turned to Port side in Stephens passage, left, towards Auke bay.   Gail kept on going as did Don and Ann.     The two ladies from Ca Vahn, stayed in Taku harbour a bit longer, as they were busy on their computers.   We arrived in Auke bay at 16.30, we had left at 11.30.    When you arrive in Auke bay, you mostly fend for yourself, we had to find a spot, and we soon realized that that was not a problem, the distance between the docks is very wide, so Bert turned the boat around, right between two docks, and docked Curtsy, facing out, good move!!      It seemed very quiet, but most fishing boats were out till the day after.     We figured out the bus schedule , after standing on the wrong side of the road, getting some funny looks from the bus drivers, as they whizzed by us…….two daft Canadians for sure…….    We kept in touch with Gail from Cruzeiro Do Sul, and after already having been to the museum once, planned to meet each other and go again.    This museum is phenomenal, i have a great interest in First nation arts and history, and this museum is a treasure full of art!!!        While we were sleeping that first night, a boat caught fire and sunk, right at the dock, thank goodness not close to us, we never heard a thing, apparently, the guy was on board, he was hurt indeed, and we found out that a few days before, his truck was set on fire, so i think , he had a problem with someone for sure…..  The harbor was full of debris and oil, and for 3 days, the coast guard and the harbor masters tried to clean it all up.         But now back to the museum, here are some photos, of the beautiful art.

Alaska 2017 Hoonah 038This is the beautiful glass art work at the entrance in the museum, and yes, i forgot to write down the artist, sorry!!!

Alaska 2017 Hoonah 044Alaska 2017 Hoonah 045Alaska 2017 Hoonah 089Alaska 2017 Hoonah 062These are billikens, a billiken is a god of things as they ought to be, so basically a good luck charm. They were very popular at the turn of the century.   The ivory carvings are incredibly detailed, here are some more examples.

Alaska 2017 Hoonah 063A cribbage board.

Alaska 2017 Hoonah 064

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