Petersburg and then North…

You have no idea how we felt, knowing we would finally be heading North , beyond Petersburg!       There is a lot to tell about this Norwegian based town, but i have decided to tell more about it when we are on the way back, i took most photos then, and spend more time looking around, together with our friends from SV SHADOWDANCER II, Will and Trish, but so far,as i write this, we haven’t even met them yet, so, on wards we go!!!!    Bert gave Curtsy an oil change on June 18th, the odometer stood at 1947.2.       She was running wonderfully, not using any oil at all.        So with that done, we decided to leave the next day, on June 19th, making sure the tide was in our favor, it runs very hard there!!     I bought some more supplies but everything is very expensive, and not a whole lot of choice, later on , on our way back, we discovered the “other” grocery store, up the hill….. more about that later.      We started seeing glacier ice, the most beautiful colour of blue/green, we were crossing Frederick Sound, towards Thomas bay, we bypassed Le Conte Glacier, as we would have to back track plus after hearing a lot of negative stories about heading in there with the boat, we decided to keep going, for now…..  We anchored in Thomas bay,behind Ruth island cove, at 16.00.   (4pm)       Its a beautiful bay, a true Northern fjord, we had to keep on going, all the way into the back, for a proper depth for anchoring, and there, already all set, were Cruzeiro Du Sol, with Gail and the two pussycats, and MV Imagine, with Don and Ann.     The color of the water is a creamy  opaque ,and there is no through water visibility , kind of freaky with anchoring, it is  true glacier water, as at  the head of the bay lies the Baird glacier.     A beautiful water fall cascades down from up high,across from where we were anchored,  and we decided to head that way the next day for some exploring.      It was still so darn cold, the diesel stove was on full time, without that stove it would have been very uncomfortable.    Still wearing thick socks, winter boots, scarfs and hats!!!!

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