Tuesday June 13.

This was the day, this was it, we were going to go on, Northbound, but first a bit South , to fill with fuel, lots of fuel.    We took on 131.20 gallons, $438.86 US.       Also filled with water, then again, checked everything and away we went!!     Oh and propane, cant forget that!!       We decided to head to Meyers Chuck, we love that little bay, there is a nice dock there but you can also anchor, When we came close, around 14.30, we had a very good looking boat behind us, at first glance it looked like a very well maintained fishing vessel, we let it pass us, into Meyers Chuck, maybe not a good idea, as we might not get a spot at the dock now, the boat was flying the Canadian flag, her name, MV Coastal Messenger.      They went ahead, put the boat at the dock, and then the whole crew stood waiting for us, as they had made sure that there was enough room behind them for us!!!     So, good things DO come to you when you wait!!    The crew,( Uncle Roy),Roy Getman, Petunia and her husband, all helped us tie up, then invited us to their boat. This boat goes to all the small coastal settlements, www. coastalmissions.ca, there are two crews, Gold crew and Blue crew.        They are Christian based, but dont push it on you, they do not preach to you, they are very kind, and hospitable.       Right now , today, November 1st, the boat is in Gorge harbour.         We visited that day , together with Cassie, who runs the post office at Meyers Chuck and bakes incredible cinnamon buns!!       WE ordered 4, ( oh no, what did i get myself into….)     , she bakes very early in the morning and these buns are delivered to your boat at 7am!!!!!      Cassie and her husband Steve live behind the post office, in a lovely place with a gorgeous garden in behind.    Steve has a fishing boat, has been fishing for a long, long time, even though he has lost sight in one eye, and the use of one hand, i truly admire him so much, he is friendly, fun to talk with and does not pity himself whatsoever!!!!     There are no cars in Meyers chuck, only boats, there is a lovely walkway, all around the bay, artists live here, fishermen, and folks who just want to be living in piece and quiet.   They get a tremendous amount of rain, so all around, everything is so green, and so tall, the Skunk Cabbages are 4 feet tall!!!  I am posting this quickly, as the WIFI right now is dreadful, cannot load the photos just yet…..


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