We stayed in Meyers Chuck till the 16th, it had started to rain, again, but we did have two very nice days here.   Coastal Messenger left the day before us.    We only pay 20 cents per foot at this dock!!       When we left, after saying good bye to Cassie and Steve, we realized that we had not left the envelope in the box, so the next post office we came to, we send the money to Cassie to take care of it!!   Thank you Cassie!!!

I always try to put in something about a boat that we meet, this sailboat is just the best!!!    i think the owner, an elderly gent, built it himself, its quite the vessel!!!!

2017 Alaska Petersburg Thomas Bay 002

She looks tremendously sea worthy, the bow has a carved eagle with a red and a green eye!  She surely turns heads, this boat, we saw her again in Petersburg!!

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