Going on, continuing our journey.

Believe me, we were NOT going to continue, our nerves were shattered , not sure if we could do this, but then, as Curtsy was fully back to normal, we both said, “HEH!!! we came this far, we are not the giving up kind of people, so lets go!!!!!    On June 12th Curtsy went back into the water, later on in the afternoon, we asked the owner if we could stay till the next morning, the tide would be in our favor too, plus we had to get fuel, that main tank was very empty!!!      The boat was so dirty, so much mud and rocks and grid, we did the best we could to clean her up a bit.   Remember we did not have any fresh water, had to haul it in 6 gallon containers from Ketchikan, a 35 minute drive.     But we were both so grateful, we were not hurt, boat was fixed, yes, it was raining, again, but it cleaned off the boat a bit!!!

2017 haul out Totem Bight 062 beautiful fixed keel!!!


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