Meeting new friends.

Again, i have to back track a bit, when we stayed in Klewnuggit inlet, we anchored in the left bay, together with Waterford, Baraka Bashad had anchored in the right bay, here ,in the left bay we met Gail, with his two cats,Tippy and George, both beautiful tabbies, Gail has a wonderful steel powerboat,  MV CRUZEIRO DO SUL, i believe she is 58 feet, and truly a magnificent boat, Gail has become a very good friend, we traveled together with him later on in the journey.     We stayed two nights in Klewnuggit, as the weather in the channel was wild, Vaughan and Rita from Baraka Bashad left ahead of us.     I invited Don and Janice for dinner that night and we had a good time, very relaxing.   The Sunday morning, May 28, we headed to Prince Rupert in calm weather with the tide in our favor.   We traveled 7 hours.

2017 grenville channel glacier bay 093 Don and Janice behind the wheel, love this photo of them, it was taken through the plastic window, so it is a bit blurry.

2017 grenville channel glacier bay 100 SV Waterford arriving in Prince Rupert.

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