May 14, Tess’ birthday!!

The weather had been iffy, not too great to go around Cape Caution as yet, we traveled to Miles Inlet, a great place to hide, with enough room for several boats, we stayed here 5 years ago also, and would go out in the dinghy , to the entrance , to have a peek outside, this time there was a blow for a couple of days, so we wanted to wait for the swell to go down, in hindsight we should have waited another day, because when we did take off, the swells were very uncomfortable, but first a couple of photos from Miles Inlet, then i will tell more of good old Cape Caution.

2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 097Sunshine!!   hang the bedding out!!!   Baraka Bashad is in the background.2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 014Baraka Bashad peeking around the corner, coming into Miles Inlet.

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