Fury Cove to Pruth Bay, Hakai, on Calvert Island.

May 18, we left at 10.30, after coffee, tide was good, weather ok, we apparently had flood tide, into Kwakshua Channel.    I was exited, i love Hakai, but also realized, we would not be staying long….maybe on the way back……The gardens were just starting to bloom, many young people work here, scientists, researchers, its a place of learning and discovering, we did go to the West beach for a walk, but were so tired, that we turned back and went to bed early.   Next morning ,at 9 am, we headed out towards Codville lagoon.      I felt there was a lot of tension on the boat, i now believe it was that deadline looming, HAVING to be in Glacier bay at a certain date.     2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 171On the way towards Codville Lagoon.2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 164Baraka Bashad ,motoring near us.2017 GLACIER BAY ALASKA 161Rita, taking a photo of Curtsy with the phone.

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