First some indirectly related health stuff.

I try to mostly talk boat stuff, but as we are living on board, and so are many of our friends, these things are important!      First of all, this article in the local news paper….    When i was growing up in Holland, i shopped for food , for my mom, every day, armed with my wicker basket ,i walked to the butcher, who wrapped the meat in freezer paper, then to the veggie man, who put everything, potatoes, greens , fruit, in the bottom of my basket, then to the grocery store, where anything bulk went into a paper bag, no Tupperware yet in those days, that came later……  What i am trying to say is, NO PLASTICS!!!!!!!feb-snow-and-ice-and-ucluelet-002feb-snow-and-ice-and-ucluelet-001

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