In Comox harbor, on September 2nd…….

We had been told that Humpback whales came into the harbor here, it is not very deep, so we figured the whales , at the time , might have been looking around…. well, that night, around 11.30, i heard the unmistakable loud whoosh of a whale surfacing and breathing.  A second whoosh came right after, two whales!!!!     Its amazing how fast you can be out of bed and out on deck if necessary,it was pitch black out there, a quiet night, so i could not see them, but every time they surfaced, the two of them, i heard the spouts !      They stayed over an hour, just circling the bay, at one point coming very close to us, i could then see a huge black shape to our port.      I didnt sleep for a long time, just way too excited!!!!!  No photos of these two whales, but i did get a treat, out in Saanich inlet, on our way home, where this amazing big animal was posing for us!!!


Lounging Sea lion.




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