Now , to get back to the barnacles, i am talking about the ones making a home on our prop and keel.    We had a haul out scheduled for May 3.      Bert chose Canoe Cove, the haul out equipment is new there, plus we like the crew and general  atmosphere, they gave us 2 nights free also on the hard.      So, away we went , early morning, we were barely past Senesus Island when the engine buzzer went off.    Great!!!  now what???    i had a (bad) feeling all night, didnt sleep, (women’s intuition ), Bert is actually starting to pay attention to that now,  (hah), anyways, engine overheating, we shut the whole thing down, floated about a bit while he checked things down below, once the engine started again, and the rpm stayed low, there was no problem, so we knew it was the amount of salt water cooling intake.     Time to take a look at the heat exchangers!!!!

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