Meanwhile, back to Curtsy….

We have been cleaning and scrubbing, i decided to clean the teak toe rail, it was black, some places even a dark green, just looking very dirty and bad.     So, i hauled out my trusted cleaner, “Kleen Glo”, which is now called :all purpose Natural Cleaner, non toxic, non abrasive and bio degradable, and started scrubbing,  a foot at the time, and from underneath came an actual teak color, not seen for a long time, we decided to let it dry well and then put several (6) coats of Cetal on the wood, we had already put that on the window frames and the vent boxes and handrails, and so far they are staying just beautiful, it has been 3 years.   The weather was perfect for it, dry, warm, so Bert started with the applications, standing in the dinghy for the one side, all 84 feet of wood!!!     It looks awesome, and now matches the rest of the wood, well worth the hard work!!!!

beading stuff   wild flowers   toerail on boat 017

Cleaned toe rail, gorgeous teak color.

beading stuff   wild flowers   toerail on boat 097

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