Art projects that i love to do,while living on the boat.

I keep busy with all kinds of projects on Curtsy, there is the constant cleaning, trying to stay ahead of the weather damage, since we put the tarp overtop of the cockpit, the cockpit cover is staying much cleaner, it is already 10 years old, most of the tread has worn badly, but bit by bit we replace it.     Our friend Vaughan, who owns a canvas shop in Sidney, has helped out too, his machine is super duper industrial, and flies through the old canvas.   his business  is located on Harbor Sidney, right next to Waypoint marine.  His business is called :Marine Canvas Works .

Back to what i was talking about.     I love making jewelry, and just finished a project for a friend’s birthday.   you can see this on :

For the last 13 years, i have also been collecting art affects in nature, i pick up shells, rocks with holes in them, seed pods, glass, and special items.    I have been hanging them in the aft cabin, using natural rope and wool.     here are some photos to give you an idea, it might be a fun project to do this for kids .

hanging art on the boat and about growing vegies 005

Rocks, shells, feathers ,seed pods, anything goes!

hanging art on the boat and about growing vegies 014

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