Its time for the micro greens…..

THis is for those of you who wonder what i use to grow the greens, and where i keep them.   I love doing this, as they give us fresh greens continually !!     I will start with some photos of the seed packages i buy and the containers i use, and then the soil ,cant very well do without that!!    Jane, i hope this will give you an idea for on your boat!!!!

hanging art on the boat and about growing vegies 025

I buy a potting soil that is sterilized and has all the essential nutrients already in it.

hanging art on the boat and about growing vegies 028

I use old salad containers, its a great way to recycle and they are sturdy enough. Make sure to punch holes in the bottom, you can use the lid as a saucer.

hanging art on the boat and about growing vegies 027

The seeds i bought so far, i try to buy organic seeds, they are a bit pricey but sure come up nice, all of them!!!

3 thoughts on “Its time for the micro greens…..

  1. Just found your blog and am enjoying your posts! Are you headed up to Alaska this summer? If so we might cross paths as we’ll be coming south!
    s/v CELESTE, Dutch Harbor, Aleutians

    • Hallo!! we bought the magazine, and are so proud of you guys!! when will you come this way? we are still in Brentwood, here for the month of July, because of family, then cruise a bit in August, will be in Comox and Pender harbour, Sunshine Coast. i so hope we will meet, it would be so awesome!! take care, fair winds!!! Mejan and Bert

      • Hi guys, Not sure when we’ll get down that way – probably August actually! Though we might go outside Vancouver Island – not sure yet! We’ll let you know and hope to meet up!

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