Morning walk and seals.


James island    orchard and seals 143

You can see the shapes of the seals under water, lying on their backs. The guy on the right is sleeping, nose straight up in the air. Nice whiskers!!!!

James island    orchard and seals 146

The water must be nice and warm, we were quite far above them, but at least you can see the ones under water in this shot.

Early Saturday morning, Bert went for a walk while i did the dishes and washed my hair.

Once he came back we had coffee and he told me about all these seals, around 28 of them, all of them at the head of the bay, hanging around, but quite a few of them were underwater, just lying there!!        I became very worried and we headed to shore.                      We landed at the beach near the orchard , what a beautiful place, the pear trees were blooming , the apple trees just coming out, the grass lush and deep green, i just love this place!!           We hiked along the shore line till we were above the seals, and yes, there they were, all lying around, but some on the water, some under the water,on the bottom, lying upside down!!!!  Their white bellies shone in the sun , the ones on top just kind of looked at us,hanging around, some were sleeping, with their noses straight up in the air.     Bert told me to keep looking at a little group of three seals, under water, and after  10 minutes or so, they moved and came up, then some other seals went down and turned themselves up side down !!!    This is weird, i am just not sure why they do this, getting rid of parasites on their backs maybe?   Does anyone out there maybe know why they do this??

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