In the meantime…back at the boat…..

Bert hauled out all the anchor chain yesterday, all 89 meters of it, plus the anchor, he stretches it all out on the dock, then repaints all the measuring spots, every so many meters, yellow first, then red, the paint stays on for about a year, you can tie little ties to the chain too, but other boaters told us that they all break off, eventually, so paint it is!!!!    Here in Brentwood bay, we are surrounded by green, trees, bushes, flowers, and every spring ,they all bloom, and emit pollen into the air, it is a fine green powder, i get sick from it, my face swells up, eyes, ears, it all itches terribly, so i go into hiding, until the pollen stops, the boat is green, and i mean green!!! everything has a coating on it, Bert just hosed her down, and washed her,but  this morning, after the rain, yup! you guessed it, everything is green!!!          My little bonsai is thriving, i love the new little leaves, so tender and soft, the two pots of pansies are blooming, amazing, as they just sat there, all winter long, really the toughest flowers !!!!      Tomorrow we head out for a bit, direction North, we just go, no idea where to, the weather is suppose to be beautiful,  maybe head to Cabbage island…….

spring time    penny puppy 001

This is a few weeks ago, view from our aft hatch.

spring time    penny puppy 012

This is now, moss is growing on the soil again, it seems to protect the tree.

spring time    penny puppy 016

Flowers in the cockpit, this is before Bert painted it all while i was away, it looks awesome now, he did a great job!!!

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