Its Easter Sunday, and its raining, but thats ok, as i can see blue sky to the North!!!!      I have been trying to write to everyone and wish them a joyful day, but this way seems to make more sense.     We are taking the boat out tomorrow, but a few days, she needs to stretch her legs so to speak, and i love the bays in Spring time, there are many hikes we can go on, to have a look how the wild flowers are doing, i have not seen any Fawn Lillies, yet, those beautiful little flowers that look like little umbrellas,they usually come out at Easter……  I drove up to the Comox valley, to see our daughter Karen and family  , and their new puppy, Penelope, a Spaniel, brown and white, she is totally adorable and oh so smart!!!       Karen’s garden looks lovely, all kinds of flowers are popping their heads up , the trees are blooming, the air at night , is full of the song of many frogs, it is such a good sign that they are still there, frogs are a big indication that nature is still healthy!!!spring time    penny puppy 040

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