heading towards Bakersfield.

Going through the Old Mohave desert, things look pretty bleak, the mountain peaks have snow on them ,and its cold.    Along the roadside, some Joshua trees grow, we drove on route 58, and in Rosedale village, where Bert and i stayed before, we ended up in a motel, the RV place was full!!!      Roel and Ineke had decided to head to the I5, they had to go home, and we wanted to drive some of the coastal roads.   Along the highway, we saw lots of windmill turbines, small ones, huge ones, it seems to be a big thing here, and a good thing, lots of strong wind in these mountains, along the Mohave desert.    The train tracks follow the road, or is it the other way around…. not sure, the trains are well over 125 cars long, being pulled by 5 or 6 locomotives.   After a while, the scenery changes, once we came down from the mountains, everything became very green, cows grazing , a very welcome view after all the desert.

2016 trip South to Mexico 334

Oranges, anyone??

2016 trip South to Mexico 328

Snow on the Mohave mountains.

2016 trip South to Mexico 342

Wind turbines, a perfect place for them!

2016 trip South to Mexico 353

very long trains, the way to transport , out here in no man’s land.

2016 trip South to Mexico 351

Now , what exactly is this boat doing out here???

2016 trip South to Mexico 363

here, the train disappears into the mountain side.

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