Mexico,Baja California

January 16, so today we head into mexico, first we drove from El Centro to Mexicali, there, from one second to the next, or so it seemed, we were in Mexico, the border patrol,all soldiers in desert fatique ,holding very big guns, checked out the Westy, opened the doors, one young solder had a big smile on his face, he liked the Westfalia very much!!    We then had to drive into Mexicali and find a parking spot so the guys could go and get the tourist permits.     Its important to have these, especially when you leave the country again, its a way for the Mexican government to keep tabs on who is in their country.   So there i sat, watching the goings on, the noise ,music, all the colors, cars going every which way, somehow not hitting each other, taxis come honking by, which means that they are looking for a fare.    But its the colors, instantly, from one country to the other, vibrant reds, orange, blue and green, buildings painted in bright colors, some of them in very bad shape, but overall, so much life and sounds.     Once the guys came back, we headed out on HWY 5, South bound towards San Felipe.

2016 trip South to Mexico 017

HWY 5, South bound towards San Felipe , at the Sea of Cortez.


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