Going for a drive,starting out at 185924 km

On January 11, we had the Westy ,”Curtsy Too”,fully packed for a drive to the South.  The plan was to meet up with family, close to the border of mexico.  We only bought some canned goods, as we needed to cross the border into the USA, once we did that, at the Peace Arch , we stopped at Safeway and bought veggies and fruit.    It rained most of the  time but we drove almost all day, stopping only for a walk,lunch, and our coffee in the morning.   We followed the I 5, but after a while ,that road becomes very tedious, big semis roaring by all the time, once in Oregon, we found some nice campsites, very well maintained and clean, showers are free, and excellent WIFI.          Within a couple of days, we had our routine going, we both slept in the bed below, i had bought an extra sleeping bag from LLBEAN, and we were very warm and cozy!!!      On day 4, while driving  up hill,4000 feet, i saw ,out of the corner of my eyes, the Westy’s roof, slowly but surely rising upwards!!!      I have never seen Bert pull over so fast, thank goodness we were in the right lane, the wind was blowing like crazy, big side gusts, so we were so lucky to grab the roof in time, for some reason, it had not clicked and locked into place!!!   needless to say, my left eye from then on, kept a watch to the back, but it never happened again!!!

2016 trip South to Mexico 002

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