Here we are, it is 2016!!! What happened to 2015???? Time flies!!!!


Its been cold!! I know, some of you, way up North there, laugh at this, but the humidity has been high and to me that makes it a lot colder then the cold up North or even in the Comox Valley where we just came back from, we even camped in the Westy!!!! Yes, at -8!!!
But it was dry, and we were toasty warm, with the foot warmer on ( i know, i am spoiled), and the little heater going.
We bought tow sleeping bags from LL BEAN, and they are wonderful!
But first i want to talk about the Winter Solstice, it fell this year on December 22, and this date is so important, even though winter starts, but, the days will start getting longer again, a few minutes at a time!!

So, i wrote a bit about it, here it is!

Cold air!!! ice on the docks overnight,that wonderful,crisp feeling in the air.
The Bay is frozen overnight, there is so much fresh water runoff running into the Bay,from the intense rain before….
The gulls cannot figure it out yet,they try to land,start sliding, then end up falling through the thin ice,those webbed feet are bright red, and must be so cold.
Early in the morning, the suns rays slowly move up the hillside of the Malahat,there is snow at the top!!
Once the sun hits the boat,the temperature goes up quickly,my pansies are braving this cold, but are blooming continually.
Before daylight, the boat hardly moves in the ice that surrounds it, i can hear it cracking and breaking apart, it will be melted by noon.

Cold, early morning, the sun moving up the hillside.

Cold, early morning, the sun moving up the hillside.

Ice is slowly melting away from the boat.

Ice is slowly melting away from the boat.

ice in the Bay.

ice in the Bay.

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