Christmas time 2015

The days will now slowly grow longer, we have celebrated Winter Solstice, but its hard to believe when i look out there every morning, how dark it is and how it just rains and rains and rains…..
The water in the bay here is very high at high tide, the large culverts are sounding like forest streams at spring melt, when it gets cold enough, the top fresh water layer freezes over, and Curtsy crunches softly in the ice as she moves.
We have had storm after storm here, a friend told me there were eight of them, i believe it, we watch the weather on, and there is a lot of purple out there , meaning winds well over 50 knots.
The forecast tells me that we might have a sunny day on Christmas day, at least no rain….

I love this time of year, the hustle and bustle of folks out there, lots of families visiting,folks dressed up in their best, Sidney is so busy with traffic, hard to find a spot to park, we tend to walk everywhere, greeting friends and going for some nice hot drinks at the Pier, the decorations are beautiful there, and the atmosphere warm.

We drove to the Comox valley last weekend, December 12th, to watch the concert of our grandkids at the church, the forecast warned of a big storm, we had watched the barometer plummet down to 970, and indeed, the driving was just wild, we use the old island highway then, because of the hydro planing on the new road.
But, it was so worth it to have gone, the children were awesome, and i took lots of photos plus some videos.
We drove back early, took our time and took a drive through Ladysmith ,the town which is famous for its Christmas lights.

This year we are staying home on Curtsy, relaxing and spending time with friends, on Christmas day we are joining our friends Vaughan and Rita for dinner , together with another couple, Vaughan and Rita stay in a hotel suite downtown Victoria, and they are having the dinner catered in.

On January 2nd we head to the Comox Valley to spend time with two of our daughters and their family.

View from the ferry, Curtsy at the main dock.

View from the ferry, Curtsy at the main dock.

The weather at Comox, Cape Lazo

The weather at Comox, Cape Lazo

Wonderful Christmas concert,2015

Wonderful Christmas concert,2015

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