Just a rockin’ and rolling today!!!

Today is November 24th, sun is out again, its warm in the cockpit but the wind out there is NW, and very cold!!
Some of the waves from Saanich Inlet come in here, most keep going to the head of the bay, but i am moving like crazy, i dont even notice it though , until i try to step off the boat!!
Two gents came today to fix my dock, the railing was totally rotten away and with the last storm, with gusts of 38 knots, we watched the whole thing move up and down, bolts and nails and all, not a good feeling…They did a great job and we can move Curtsy back again to her spot tonight.
Yesterday it was raining and warm, at least, 10 degrees outside, 22 inside, the week before i looked at http://www.passageweather.com , and noticed a huge size storm coming this way, the barometer dropped to 990.8, the day before it showed 1030.7!!!
We stayed home that day and watched over the other boats, strange things came floating into the little inlet here, a basket ball,( nice one too!!) half a dock, several buoys and two coolers!!
We have had frost on the pumpkins so to speak, one morning, all the docks were white, as was Curtsy ,i love the quiet in the air that comes with cold temps, we hauled out our gloves, hats, and down jackets, i for sure grabbed my crampons, for under my shoes, wont leave the boat without them!!
So, that’s it for weather talk, we keep busy, Bert is helping his brother with a job, i am sewing my lamp, not sure if its going to be acceptable, (photo might follow…), i am busy , trying out new recipes ,following the Whole30 plan.
We love eating this way, we both feel so much better, i have a board on Pinterest, called the Whole30,my pinterest is in the name of Marianne Reijm ,check it out if you like.

Icy docks.

Icy docks.

Frost on the pansies.

Frost on the pansies.

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