We like it here at the main dock, some folks warned us of heavy traffic going by of well meaning looky lews, but its been ok, its quiet at night, and during the day i watch the goings on with the little ferry, never a dull moment.
Slowly but surely i am getting to know the bird population, Gribley rules the dock for sure, but then there is the crow couple, and as smart as they are, they learned very fast that when Gribley gets treats, they just need to be a little bit faster, and a little bit smarter!!
The female crow, (she is the larger bird), sits on the rail of a little power boat near us, and begins to tap it very loud, while the male bird calls out , sounding like a cat!!!!
There is no way ignoring them, they will not stop!
Gribley in the meantime, is becoming very nervous, this might not go the way he wants it to, he now comes on the deck, stands there very nervously, but today he made it to 8 seconds, its getting better!!
My goal is that he eats out of my hand.
We also have the ever present King fishers, they are so very territorial, and constantly call out to everyone who might be a threat!!!
Hummingbirds are still buzzing and calling in the trees, folks here feed them all winter long, so they stay, plus this area has a very mild climate.
Every ferry dock seems to have pigeons ,and this dock is no exception, there are about 50 of them, they fly out in the morning, come back around 4,have a bit of a meeting on top of the building and then go to roost under the dock.
There are 10 otters here, two families of 5, and so far there are no problems, we love watching them play,somewhere on the shores here, they have their burrows, but most of the time they play and feed.
With the three marinas here in the bay, there is plenty of chance to find some docks to roll around on and poo on the odd mooring lines…….
So far we have been lucky….

Our pigeon flock.

Our pigeon flock.

Crow couple, photo taken through the plastic.

Crow couple, photo taken through the plastic.


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