Ganges!!! market time!!!!!!

There is no other way of saying it: the Ganges open air market is totally wonderful!!!!
I LOVE going there, Ganges is a town on Saltspring island, a very large variety of artists live here, and every year, starting at Easter weekend usually around April, it runs every Saturday, opens at 8.30 and closes at 4.
It doesnt stop till the end of October,still going on tomorrow, i am so tempted……..(Oct.16 today)
Walking through the market , the wonderful scent of fresh baked bread hits your nose, then the sweet smell of tarte au poire, or almond butter cake, further down you are bombarded with color, every flower possible, put together in wonderful bouquets, then the vegetables…… There are many farmers here, growing everything from garlic to tomatoes, it all is fresh, it all looks so good.
As you keep strolling on, trying to ignore the fresh baked bread smell, the beautiful colors of semi precious stones hit your eyes, handmade jewelry , blown glass beads, brass bracelets, leather works, it is all here, designer clothing, hand made cards, now try to be good and keep your money in your pockets!!!
Music starts after a while, a rhumba band, at least, i think that is what they are called, the bands name is RUWADZANO, and they are great!!
People around me started dancing, an aging gent could not help himself and danced around the field, a sweet little girl shyly bounced through her little knees, bobbing up and down.
It was such a lovely day, good food, good atmosphere , beautiful colors, what more do you need?????

Flowers anyone??

Flowers anyone??

Veggies!!!!! yahoo!!!

Veggies!!!!! yahoo!!!

French pastries, the smell at this stand was hard to take!!!

French pastries, the smell at this stand was hard to take!!!

Great music from  RUWADZANO

Great music from RUWADZANO

Montague,James Bay,Ganges market 188

Montague,James Bay,Ganges market 197

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