Time to finish the summer stories…..

The days are flying by, we are back in Brentwood bay, and right now the sun is warming the cockpit, its a nice 25 degrees in here, its quiet, and i have a Wifi connection that works well, now, what more do i want???
let me just step back to the day we left the dock of our friends, Doug and Martha, September 17th, weather predictions were good, not too much wind, tide in our favor, so away we went.
WG, Whiskey Golf, the navy exercise area was active so Bert planned a route around it.
Our goal was Nanaimo, and we made it there in 6 hours,average speed,5.5 knots, somehow the tide was not doing what it was suppose to, but it is always different in every piece of water at the Sunshine Coast.
We anchored out , well away from other vessels, Bert put out 7:1 anchor, a good thing, as we ended up in two hefty windstorms, one with gusts of 38 knots NW.
Thank goodness no one else anchored in front of us, but an hour into the storm, first a small sailboat started dragging its anchor, the skipper was on board, but had a terrible time ,trying to bring the anchor up, he ended up alongside a power boat, the people were on it and tried to fend off the little sailboat with fenders and boat sticks,still cant figure out why they didnt just tie her up alongside…..
As we are watching this, the large sailboat behind us, SV CHARLOTTE , a 52′ ketch, broke loose from her anchor, no one on board, and came right by us, driven by the NW wind.
We were debating what to do, how to help, when the owner, a lady, in her dinghy,

Before the storms.... rainbow over Nanaimo harbour.

Before the storms…. rainbow over Nanaimo harbour.

Bright morning!

Bright morning!

Wind blowing at 35 knots NW!!

Wind blowing at 35 knots NW!!

came speeding up to our boat and begged for help, Bert put on his PFD and away they went.
I kept a close eye on Curtsy, but we never did drag.
SV CHARLOTTE kept right on going, her anchor not resetting itself yet, Bert climbed on board, the owner started the engine, and Bert then tried to bring the anchor in, but there was just no way!!!!
From where i was watching, it seemed that the boat did not move anymore, and rightfully so, her anchor grabbed onto the telephone lines underwater, and there she stayed!!!
At least she was safe for now.
Bert came back to Curtsy, with some interesting stories about the boat, and ready for a cup of tea!!
The Coast guard was notified and i figure a diver would have to come out to undo the anchor from the cables.
We left the next morning and she was still there….

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