Balandra…..the job is done, and how beautiful she looks!!!

I wrote about this lovely sailboat before, her history and where she is now, she has been sitting quietly on shore, waiting for the last few years ,waiting for a face lift so to speak, she is well protected from the weather and safe, but her owner Shendra, wants her to have a new home, and wanted to first get her repaired and painted.
Bert repaired her rudder, as i wrote before, and now, the last few weeks, Bert has been painting her, first repairing her keel, filling in the cracks and spaces, then she received three coats of bottom paint ,well protected!!! I did tell about this before, oh well, it is important!!!!

The next job was the hull.
Some of the fasteners needed fixing, the putty covering them had come out, so Bert put new putty overtop , sanded it smooth so they then were ready for painting.
As small as the boat is, 22′,it was still amazing how much work needed to be done.
Bert used Interlux paint for the hull, three coats, after every coat he would sand the surface smooth, the paint dried very fast so he had to be careful.
She now shines!!!!
Between the red of the bottom paint and the white of the hull, runs a nice turquoise strip, same color as the deck house.
He put a tarp in front of the bow today, and one behind the stern, so she is well protected.
Now she will rest till next spring, when we hope to launch her back into the water.

Sanding after the first coat of paint.

Sanding after the first coat of paint.

lace laundry  and Balandra 013 (Medium)
Beautiful paint job!!

Beautiful paint job!!

lace laundry  and Balandra 068 (Medium)lace laundry  and Balandra 071 (Medium)

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