So now its August……

And yes, almost the end of August!! no idea how we got there, the days just fly by, if i don’t write for a while, it all becomes a blur…..
While we were still in Pender harbour, Roel and Ineke came to visit us, they drove up in their motorhome, and camped at Pender Harbour resort. They came over to our boat for dinner, Bert picked them up with the dinghy, even Lucy, the little super dog came too!!!We had a wonderful evening, enjoyed good food, fine wine , and played cards later on.
The next evening we went over to the resort and sat in the shade of some big trees, sipped wine and played cards again. I think a good time was had by all!!
We were sad when they had to go again, but hoped to see each other again soon!!

Shortly there after , Tess arrived, Bert picked her up at Madeira park with the dinghy, it was my chance to spoil her ,before she headed back to the island.
We taught her the same card game that we played with Roel and Ineke, its called 8 handed Gin Rummy, Tess really dislikes games, but heh!!! when she started beating us continually, this game was all of a sudden a lot of fun!!!
We miss her very much , she is back in China now, for another year of teaching.

Roel and Ineke arriving at the boat.

Roel and Ineke arriving at the boat.

later on....Tess arriving at Curtsy.

later on….Tess arriving at Curtsy.

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