Back again to Comox,August 3rd.

I am starting to get used to this route between Comox and Pender Harbour, the main thing we watch out for is the tide and wind, so nice if both of them are in our favor!!!
Its a long day too, this time we went through Baynes Sound, past Hornby island , past Chrome island, Baynes Sound runs in between Denman Island and Vancouver Island. We still had the tide with us, but we had to motor , no wind!!
Every time arriving in Comox harbour is a challenge, as there are boats every where, lots of boats tied to buoys, some boats anchored, but its the little sailboats with cadets and kids practicing that provide a challenge.
This time coming in, a girl sailing one of the little boats , headed straight for us, not noticing us at all!!! We managed to avoid a collision in the nick of time!
Our spot, or rather our favorite spot was free, we like to anchor in front of the breakwater, in line with the Government buildings, its excellent holding, and the view is magnificent!!!
We knew we were going to be busy, Tess was going to come back on board, together with her friend Kathy, Charlie our grandson was joining us, Petra ,Kevin,Duncan and Malcom came for a visit, even though it was on a rainy, blustery day, and Sandra came with us for the day, together with Mieka,Ty and Maya and malcom.
We had such a good day with them, the kids were awesome on board, they respected everything, had tons of fun!!
We took them to Hardy bay, at Denman Island, Hardy bay is alongside a Spit, a long sand beach, wonderful for exploring and swimming! It was such a hot day , again, so they all ended up in the water.
Coming back from the beach , we first ate all the goodies available, and then Bert opened up the lifelines so that Ty , Malcom and Maya could jump off the boat,actually, Ty is a diver, what an awesome job he does, i took some fun photos of him and need to show them off!!!

Definitely some grandkids on board....

Definitely some grandkids on board….

here they are!!!!

here they are!!!!

Ty's super diving style.

Ty’s super diving style.

comox  karens house  tess   sandra and kids 156 (Medium)
Nice dive!!

Nice dive!!

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