Once upon a time, two boats floated about……

Pender Harbour holds many wonderful sights and things to see and do.
For a long time, in Gerrans Bay, two little wooden boats floated near the shore.
Someone had collected them, and anchored them in this bay. A lot of the folks living here, on the shores, were not too pleased with this, they weren’t the best boats to look at, but a photo of them did manage to end up on pamphlets about the area.
So every one knew about them.
I took lots of photos of them, one was MV KWATNA, the other MV LULU ISLAND . The lad that owned them would bring all his other collectibles ,and stow them on the little boats.
Apparently his home holds more stuff then the largest second hand store.
Long story short…..LULU ISLAND has sunk, we saw her radar down deep, at low tide, KWATNA sits on the rocks, broken up on her port side, slowly she will disappear, all this debris ends up in the harbour, on the shores, under water, and become a danger to navigation.
Someone did put a buoy above where LULU ISLAND rests.

Once upon a time, LULU ISLAND and KWATNA

Once upon a time, LULU ISLAND and KWATNA

the bow of LULU ISLAND>

the bow of LULU ISLAND>



4 thoughts on “Once upon a time, two boats floated about……

  1. Some friends who used to sail but now motor along in their 40 ft motor yacht took some pictures of these two boats, now gone, in Pender Harbour. I asked them if I could use their photos as the basis for a painting. They said yes, so I’m starting that now. It will go to an auction for the Together Against Poverty Society in Victoria. I would love to use one of your photos as the basis for another painting, this one for a Cystic Fibrosis auction later this year. Would that be okay with you?

    • Hi Roger! That will be fine, which photo are you looking at to use? If the photo by itself is used i would like it to be mentioned that it is one of my shots, thank you!
      Mejan. Reijm

      • Hello Mejan. Thank you for getting back to me so soon. This is the photo I would like to use. I’ve done a few derelict boat paintings now. I often use photos to work from. You’ll probably recognize the picture in the painting when it’s done, but the painting will be considerably different from the photo. I, of course, will be delighted to give you credit for allowing me to use the photo. My last ‘boat’ painting for the Cystic Fibrosis Society in Nanaimo fetched $800 at auction. I’m hoping this one does at least that. My niece’s son has cystic fibrosis and this is my way of contributing to their fundraising gala dinner in the fall in Nanaimo. Regards, Roger

        By the way you can check out some of my work at http://rogeralbert.blogspot.ca


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