Eagle story

Comox harbour is the home to a bald eagle couple, as long as i can remember they have been here.
Usually they both sit on the big lights, above the harbour marine building, when one leaves for a while, the other one patiently sits there and waits, the female is quite a bit bigger then the male,he often perches on top of one of the sailboats tied to a buoy, untill one day, he decided to perch on top of our mast!!!
We just came home from shopping, and i exitedly said, oh Bert, we have an eagle!!!!!
Bert had a total hissy fit, as he figured he would end up with a broken antenna, or wind vane, or worse…
The eagle looked down at us, kind of with a look that said, oh, hum, you are home…..
He then flew off,back to his lamp post, where he started a joyful conversation with his mate!!!
I dont have a photo just yet, i am hoping he will come back, Bert doesnt….
But then, remember that Bert is painting the deck with a brandnew, white coat of paint, but i reassured him that eagles shoot far when they poo, unlike the crows…..and the seagulls, and yes, the kingfishers!!!!!

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