Fellow sailboats to admire.

A beautiful ketch came into the harbour, a wooden boat, her name is “JAN VAN GENT”, and we admired her very much so. As soon as we see a boat like that, we think, oh , maybe we should trade Curtsy in, but then the next thought is a huge wakeup call , the work!!!! can you imagine the work??!!! a wooden boat, NO WAY!!!!!
So we admire them, from afar……

The ketch: " JAN VAN GENT"

The ketch: ” JAN VAN GENT”

her gorgeous bow

her gorgeous bow

comox harbour curtsy 2015 021comox harbour curtsy 2015 029
Bert, admiring the "JAN VAN GENT"

Bert, admiring the “JAN VAN GENT”

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