June 16…..Pender harbour!!

As always, i great feeling to come into Pender harbour, i love this place, love its folks, we have very good friends here, and its a joy to meet up with them again.
We anchored in Gerrans bay, the tide were extreme , new moon, Martha and Doug offered us again a place at the their dock, but we had to wait a few days, their dock is at the head of the bay, and its becomes very shallow at such a low tide.
Now we are still here, so very much enjoying their company, we play Wizard ,a card game at night, during the day , they work very hard at their property, there is to be a wedding here in August, and Bert painted part of the cockpit, we go to Madeira park for groceries, haircut, and admire the wonderful flowers there.
Tomorrow we head out, towards Comox, but we are back again here in two weeks, to help our friend Shendra with her wooden sailboat, Bert will be fixing her rudder.
Today is the 23rd.
tomorrow morning we head out…..very early….. keep in touch….. more is coming!!!!

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