June 14, crossing Georgia Strait to Gambier Island.

We had been waiting for two days for the right wind, or at least for manageable wind, most of the wind has been from the NW, so thats why we decided to cross towards Vancouver, so we could sail.
The first two hours we motored, we had to make some water, 12 gallons, and the waves were just wild, it was still blowing 15 knots NW.
Once the water maker was done Bert put out the head sail, we kept the engine going as the waves were so erratic, Bert raised the main after a while, and we turned off the engine.
It was not a fun sail, Curtsy seemed to want to veer off all the time, so i was constantly steering her back to her course, halfway across , the waves calmed down a bit, Georgia Strait is famous for this, i really, really dislike this water, either there is no wind at all, or its all over the place. The waves follow quickly, so it feels like you are bouncing along, i definitely like the ocean swell better, a much easier ride, if everything goes well that is…..
We headed into Howe Sound, to gambier island, and anchored in Port graves, or East bay, we like it there, at the head of the bay is camp Artaban, a christian camp for kids, it is surrounded by beautiful forest, some of it first growth.
We stayed two nights here also, did some walking and just relaxed.
Again we waited for the right wind, to head towards Pender harbour, we really wanted some SW, and on June 16th we got our wish, plus the tide was in our favour, flood tide, so once we rounded the corner at Keats island, Curtsy took off, Bert put the sails out and away we went!!! At one time we did 8.2 knots!!!
Close to flying i am sure…….
It was a good trip, all SW wind, sun, and sails out.

underway, other sailboats took advantage of the wind too.

underway, other sailboats took advantage of the wind too.

Halfway across towards Vancouver.

Halfway across towards Vancouver.

capernway harbour bible school   sailing across GS  Tsehum harbor 094

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