From Montague to Clam bay….

As we had left Tsehum Harbour, i noticed after a while, that the dinghy looked kind of “old”, all wrinkled and sad looking, i carefully told Bert that it had maybe a problem, yup!!! losing air its called, it quite fast was losing air in the front chamber, good thing it has more then one…. So, in Montague, Bert proceeded to find the leak, we were anchored nicely, so had to stay for two nights, as the glue to fix the dinghy takes 24 hours to set, Bert hauled her up next to the boat, and there she sat, and there we were , not going anywhere, so we fixed some things, i baked, we looked around, hummed a bit, amazing how hard it is, when you cannot leave…..
Next day, we put her in the water, pumped her up, all looked good, then did a test drive to the shore, walked in the park, put away our garbage in the bins at the park, it costs 2 dollars for a small kitchen bag, 5 dollars for a large bag, did all our recycling, dinghy still good!!! We hauled some water , good exercise, and back to the boat.
Next day we headed to Clam bay.

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