Back on the boat… to be done!!!!

We have been back now for 2 weeks, and have been going non stop, one fine morning we looked up at the mast, and noticed that it did not have the ones nice creamy white color anymore, but a dull, dark grey……DIRT!!! up there?? so, Bert hauled out his MASTMATE, not used yet, he usually uses a seat with safety lines and a climbing device, with which he pulls himself up, this MASTMATE goes into the track of the main sail, all along are steps, offset, made of very tough webbing.
He sets himself in a harness, ties a safety line around the mast, plus another for me to control from the deck.
I also haul the bucket with hot soapy up to him on another line.
I did look nervously up once in a while, as that bucket made its way up to him….
He went all the way to the very top first, and started from there.
By this time i really made sure i was well away from the mast, first securing his safety line.
He did an incredible job, slowly the lovely creamy color of the mast showed itself again, and after 4 full buckets of hot, soapy water, he was done…..but , he had forgotten to reposition a line from the top, so back up he went again.
This was one very tired lad when he was done, but the MASTMATE worked just great, Bert felt safe and secure up there.

This shows how the MASTMATE works.

This shows how the MASTMATE works.

hardworking skipper.

hardworking skipper.

he started at the very top....

he started at the very top….

at the spreaders...

at the spreaders…

doing good Bertje!!!

doing good Bertje!!!

job well done...  time to put it all away again.

job well done… time to put it all away again.

By the time he was done, he got his one shoe stuck in the step, but he was hanging just two feet above deck, so no great danger, i should have taken a picture but i took pity on him!!!!!

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