Last week we went camping…..

To take a break from all the work to be done, we went camping with our family/friends Roel and Ineke, to French beach.
Its beautiful out there, to get there you drive past Sooke, then you pass Shirley Delicious, a wonderful little coffee shop , with incredible, gluten free goodies, and the government campsite is just a bit further down the road, right at the ocean.
We took two spot next to each other, the weather was clear, but oh boy, was it ever cold!!! A NW wind blew right off the water, and we didnt bring big sweaters, but Roel made some very nice camp fires, and the four of us huddled around it, till evening and then played our favourite card game,”skip boo”

Roel and Ineke, enjoying the camp fire

Roel and Ineke, enjoying the camp fire

Bert and Roel collected round ,small rocks off the beach, to play the game of Bocce ball, after a few tries, as rocks were flying around the camp site and i was hiding behind the Westy,they became quite good at it, and it was safe to sit in the chair to watch them!!!
bocce ball with beach rocks

bocce ball with beach rocks

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