Ode to Brentwood bay


Ode to Brentwood bay

on the boat
the smell of fresh picked basil
oat cakes baking in the oven
sky the color of lead
rain coming
ferry noises have stopped
for a while…..
the quiet is amazing
no cars,no lineups
but the business and hustle
of the little ferry
makes this a special place
she is getting overhauled
and we will welcome her back
along the water,past the ferry dock
a small walkway winds around,
past the boatyard,past the other marina,
older homes on the right
with beautiful,well established gardens
Rhododendrons reaching for the sky
some well over twenty feet high
pink,red,orange and white
a pallet of colors.
the little book house is waiting
waiting for new titles
the little house is small ,holds all but twenty books or so
but it is well stocked at all times
gorgeous wooden boats waiting at the boat yard,
waiting for new wood,new brass, new paint
they are all a work of art
the walkway continues past large fir and arbutus
ivy climbing their trunks
golden rain hangs down next to purple wisteria
an eighty foot fir is adorned ,all the way to the top
with white wisteria ,flowers two feet long
eagles are calling from the trees,
they have their babies now
this is Brentwood, a gem on the coast of Saanich inlet

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