Salton Sea ,pelicans!!!!!

Just love these birds, i had no idea how many of them hang out at the Salton sea, black ones, white ones, the dried up edges of the sea are littered with feathers, which i collected with joy, but they ended up in some plastic bag and were lost, anyway, the sea is drying up, very fast, we could see that once upon a time, this area was very popular for vacationers, but there is really not much water left, and all along the beach area, which is now very wide , dead fish lie drying, lots of dead fish, i believe that this area will soon totally dry out, predictions are that California will run out of water , this year, so they say, the State totally relies on ground water, we were in several campsites where we were not allowed to fill the tank of the Westy.
The toilets were working but not the taps at the sinks, everything is so incredibly dry……
Like everyone else, i am very concerned about the environment, and yes, do i dare say it, global warming, i heard yesterday that this term is now outlawed in Florida, people are not allowed to mention it any more!!!
Well, what does that tell you…….
All around the Salton sea, the buildings are broken up, falling apart, some people are still living there, but anything to do with the Salton sea is gone.
I keep a close eye on things happening in relation to the environment, and after this post will tell you and show you another big concern, one very few people are still not aware off….

White pelicans!!!!!

White pelicans!!!!!


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