Deciding to spend Christmas at the coast, in Oceanside.

We liked the atmosphere at the RV place in Oceanside, plus the spot they gave us the last time, was so nice, we were totally surrounded by gardens, the Westy fitted just nicely in that spot, it would be way too small for a large unit. So, that’s where we headed, to spend Christmas. We bypassed San Diego, leaving that for another time.
It was great to see the ocean again, and this time the weather was a bit warmer.
Christmas eve we watched the movie, “a Christmas carol” the old version with Alister Sims, then we watched the version with Jim Carrey, i love the way they did that one, so very well done.
In the morning we went for a bike ride to Carlsbad, sat at one of the little coffee shops, out in the sun, and truly enjoyed ourselves.
We took our time going back, it was so nice and warm, people were out on the beaches, watching the surfers, you could sure tell which of the surfers had a new board as a gift for Christmas, and had not done any surfing before!! The pelicans dove into the waves, right alongside of them, and as we watched, two dolphins swam towards the surfers, and started following them, playing in the waves all the way.
What a strange feeling though, it being Christmas day, no snow, no cold, no logs in any fireplace, just sun, sand , and flowers blooming everywhere.
Once we got back, we jumped in the pool , there was no one around, and after a swim, we sat in the hot tub, what a life!!!!
This truly was very special, and we were and are very grateful!!!

cozy Christmas in the Westy

cozy Christmas in the Westy

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