Dirt roads,dams and cacti

114There are three dams near the town of Roosevelt, starting out on highway,well,not really a highway but a sand based dirt road, the first dam you come to is the Roosevelt dam.
Its impressive ,especially once you realize how it was built, and where it is located. I took photos of the signs, easier then to write it all out, and the photos will also speak for themselves. The road is rough in places, but it had rained, and it looked like they had graded it not too long ago, but its not a road for large motor homes or 5th wheels, we met 3 cars in total, and it was a challenge to pass each other. The day was cloudy, quite dark, but it made for good photos, so much better then bright sun.
The road winds around large rock cliffs, giant cacti growing up the banks, at least 30 feet tall,it is an amazing landscape!!!

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