Continuing east, then south.

We stayed overnight in a pine forest,near Williams,it was almost dark, and there were no proper camping spots, so we just put Westy on a as much possible level spot and cooked our dinner.
All night long ,the coyotes howled and yapped, in the morning , a can with water , left outside, was frozen solid!! It was -6!!!! Doing a bit of exploring, i found carcasses of deer, and also 4 calves, maybe all eaten by the coyotes, not sure……
We drove on to Flagstaff that day, through beautiful mountainous areas ,the elevation was 7655 feet, so no wonder it was cold!!
Flagstaff is a nice town, it has character and we found a nice coffee shop where all the locals seem to hang out. We heard them talking about the snow coming that night ,so…. needless to say, we headed out of town that morning, on the way towards Phoenix,south!!!

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